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Meet Adam Daley, Who has The Best Job in the World!

Interview with DES Coordinator Adam Daley

Exciting news! I've started a podcast called, ' The Employment Services Show' which interviews some of the best employment practitioners, leaders, and voices in employment services.

Each month, I will highlight two people who work in the industry who will share their tips, industry secrets, successes, and failures. But most importantly, why it's important for employers to break the stigma when it comes to hiring people on welfare. From those with gaps in their resume, others who may be facing ageism, and the many with a disability who are just as capable to be in the workplace as anyone else.

Now I would love to share with you my very first podcast interview with Adam Daley who works for OCTEC in Sydney.

I first came across Adam on LinkedIn and he struck me as someone who loves his job and knows what he's doing when it came to helping unemployed people back into work. And I wasn't wrong, because the first thing Adam said on the podcast when I asked him to introduce himself was, "Hi I'm Adam and I have the pleasure of having the best job in the world."

Adam is also one of the best marketers in this industry and takes that responsibility very seriously.

In this podcast interview, we speak about:

1. What is DES? 2. Most common challenges in the industry. 3. Advice Adam would give his inexperienced self. 4. What he would tell an employer who is hesitant to hire someone with a disability. 5. What advice he would give someone who works in this industry that is resisting the sales side of the job. 6. What drives him to work in this industry. LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE:


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