Effective Reverse Marketing & Sales
Training Program

Sales - Reverse Marketing - Prospecting - Coaching - Mindset - Strategy - Implementation

A training program designed for employment practitioners

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Do you help unemployed people back into work?

Would you like to learn key methods of how to influence more employers?

Would you like to increase your job placements?

Would you like to know the secrets of motivating your jobseekers?

Many times Employment consultants come into their job with the right intentions. Most are altruistic people who want to help others and make a difference. Then comes the dreaded sales part. Many times they have to pick up the phone and contact employers, go outdoor knock and influence businesses to hire people who have employment barriers, disabilities, or long career gaps etc.

In this program, we teach you what the most successful employment consultants are doing in order to place more people into work, and sustain the job.

During this program, you will have access to unlimited Reverse Marketing & Sales content done at your own time and pace. The point is we believe in ongoing learning, engagement and implementation in order to get the best results. 

What is included

✔ Monthly live training sessions, webinars and Q&A. (Live and interactive)

✔ Self-paced online video training material.

✔ Access to a members' group with $970 worth of BONUS Reverse Marketing
 training material.

✔ Reverse Marketing Implementation plans.

✔ Unique sales scripts for Employment Services.

✔ Sales frameworks and methodologies.

✔ Recruitment Discovery Questions for employment services.

✔ Blueprint for job placement success.

On this Program You Will Learn How To:
  • Know exactly what to say on the phone when making employer cold or warm calls. 

  • Fill your employer pipeline with more opportunities by learning how to prospect.

  • Develop a powerful pitch whether on the phone, face to face, or through email.

  • Learn ways of how to respond to objections given by an employer.

  • Create and carve more job opportunities for your job seekers.

  • Nurture and grow your employer relationships.

  • Develop a process and strategy that will keep you on track.

  • Build better rapport and develop lasting relationships.

  • Develop ways you can create desire and interest when talking to resistant clients.

  • Improve your communication skills and get the most out of your job seekers.

  • Help more people to work through coaching and motivational techniques.

  • Learn certain influencing techniques to be able to help more people into work.


Our commitment to you is that during this program, we will equip you with all of the Reverse Marketing and Sales tools, and will not hold anything back. As we're committed to your success in changing lives through employment. 
What People are saying about the Reverse Marketing training

Rana is an incredible individual and had hired her services for my Disability Employment Services and    ParentsNext team during my work capacity at CORE Community Services. The training  provided is very in depth, thorough, and well planned with webinars, post training day work books and follow ups, tracking templates and individual manager training as well as frontline staff training for cold calling on top of the workshop training days. I highly recommend her cost effective services to any company looking to achieve higher outcomes and would implement her training for any other team I lead in the future, and will I most likely use her services again during the next servicing    quarter of the employment contracts that I am  managing.

Was lucky enough to train under Rana through her contract to provide training to APM staff. Her knowledge continues to be of great benefit to continue to meet my targets. Not just meet my targets, not always make the "sale" but to continue to create working relationships with those in the community. Helping to end the stigma around hiring someone with a disability by learning what truly is at the core of sales. Building strong relationships with others.

’Rana Kordahi and Employment Services Training has been an amazing experience for me. I highly  recommend this learning and development specialists. I found the training, innovating, inspiring and really interactive. My Team have also embraced the learning and applied it to their everyday workday to achieve KPI’s and great results in Reverse Marketing. The stand out tool for me was the Blueprint. I was not 100% sure about it at first as, like any good plan, it takes time and effort to do. The Blueprint changed my career, it helped me plan what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to get there. 6 months after implementing and completing the Blueprint I was able to land my dream job & promotion to Regional Manager. Thank you Rana for your ongoing support and I continue to be inspired by your work.

Nicole Stock Regional Manager atWork Australia

Bonnie Mechan Employment Consultant APM

Baide Simpson
Manager Core Skills

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Unleash your Reverse Marketing potential
Who this training program is for

Employment Consultant​

Job coach

Employment Specialist

Employment Engagement Officer

Recruitment Specialist

Candidate coaches

Employer engagement consultants

Modules and Topics

  • Becoming a trusted employment advisor.

  • The Reverse marketing cycle.

  • Creating your ideal employer profile.

  • How to fill your employer pipeline

  • Develop a discovery that engages the employer.

  • Presenting your services and jobseeker.

  • Cold calling employers.

  • Preparing for the call.

  • Getting through the gatekeeper.

  • Writing cold calling scripts that work.

  • How to overcome employer objections.

  • Crafting cold employer emails. 

  • Stories that resonate and connect with employers.

  • Understanding the labor market.

  • Job carving and creating a job that doesn't exist.

  • Prospecting on LinkedIn.

  • Building your Authority and advocating on LinkedIn.

  • Business development and relationship building.

  • Do's and don'ts of face-to-face networking.

  • Getting buy-in from your jobseeker.

  • How to motivate and encourage the jobseeker.

  • Develop the right mindset and confidence selling through NLP. 

  • Create your mission and purpose.

  • Learn how to Deal with Rejection.

  • Getting organised.

  • Develop a strategy and routine.

  • Creating your own blueprint for job placement success.

About your trainer and coach

Rana Kordahi is a sales coach, qualified NLP practitioner, writer, and TEDx Speaker. For the past 10 + years she has helped thousands of jobseekers and employment practitioners in employment services across Australia and the UK.


She has won several awards for placing the most people into work, as well as awards in ‘innovation’ in her training workshops. Rana was recently featured as one of the Top 10 Sales Coaches Thriving in 2020 by Yahoo Finance.

Rana is known for her dynamic, interactive, and motivational style of training. Rana has run hundreds of workshops for both staff and jobseekers in Reverse Marketing & Sales, Cold Calling, Case Management, Interview Techniques, Working with Resistant Clients, Resilience and Mindset, and much more.

Having also trained and coached at some of the big 4 consulting firms, such as KPMG and PWC in sales, mindset, and leadership, Rana has helped many technically brilliant people, gain confidence in communication and influence. 


Rana doesn't believe in knowledge collection, but implementation and results. And this is the reason why most of her courses include implementation programs and12-week strategy plans.

What People are saying about the Reverse Marketing training

Employment Consultant 
Campbell Page

I am hitting my KPIs during this Covid phase. Thanks for all your help and advice! Management have said that they have seen a real shift in my attitude. Really appreciate the coaching.

Nathan Nute
Manager Breakthru

Rana is one of the best (if not the best) marketers I have seen in my 11 years in the employment industry, if you or staff need marketing assistance look no further. Rana will give you the best  advice and training, staff will come out more confident in picking up the phone, going to see  employers face to face and also building relationships with employers.

Sean Kemp
Employment Consultant
Campbell Page

Your training has really taught this old dog some new tricks! I got 3 employment placements during covid last month from Reverse marketing. 

Reverse Marketing & Sales


How does it work?
Through a series of monthly live interactive training sessions and online self paced training materials you will be trained and coached by Rana Kordahi. Although we equip you with specific sales knowledge and skills, the aim is to implement the learning and complete tasks throughout the program. 

What happens after you make a payment?
You will receive a welcome email, with the course outline, information and login details. You will also be invited to future live training.

Does this program ever expire?
Yes, this program expires one year from your purchase. Please do not share your login information with others as it affects your ability to use it.


Who is it for?
Anyone who helps long-term unemployed people or those with barriers to work. It doesn't matter what program or which country you're in, as long as you have to actively reach out to local employers, whether small or large. 

Can I share this program with others?

No, this purchase is one license per user. In addition, no usernames and passwords are to be shared with third parties, and IP tracking plug-ins are being used to monitor multiple IPs. 

What is the exclusive members' group?

The exclusive member's group is an online group that is an added bonus to your Effective reverse Marketing & Sales online program. Through this members’ group, you will access live monthly interactive calls,(past and present) webinars and replays live Q&As, extra reverse marketing content, sales and mindset content, resource files, updates, networking, support, and much more. Once you join the main self-paced course, you will receive a link with an invite to join the group.

Normal price  $247

Enrol Now $97 

Offer Ends Feb 26th 2022

 60% OFF 

If you would like to arrange alternative payment methods because you're purchasing in bulk, then please email catherine@thesellingacademy.net


✔ Monthly live virtual training sessions, webinars, and Q&A. (Live and interactive)

✔ Self-paced online video training material.

✔ Access to a members' group with $970 worth of BONUS Reverse Marketing training material.

✔ Reverse Marketing Implementation plans.

✔ Unique sales scripts for Employment Services.

✔ Sales frameworks and methodologies.

✔ Recruitment Discovery Questions for employment services.

✔ Blueprint for job placement success.

What is included