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5 Things ALL new Employment Consultants Must Know

Being an employment consultant is an incredibly fulfilling job. The opportunity to positively impact someone's life by assisting them in overcoming challenges and securing employment is truly gratifying. Nevertheless, there are a few essential truths that all aspiring employment consultants should be aware of. Understanding and embracing these truths will enable you to excel in your new role and make a lasting difference.

1. You need to know how to sell – New employment consultants are sometimes shocked by the selling part of the role. This skill encompasses various aspects of the job, including selling the skills and attributes of job seekers to potential employers, and selling the services of their employment provider. Also, the ability to negotiate job-carving positions is crucial for Employment Consultants. Job carving involves customising job roles to fit the skills and abilities of job seekers, creating opportunities that may not have existed initially. Additionally, you may find yourself making cold calls or engaging in cold canvassing to reach out to employers directly. While this may seem daunting, it's important to overcome any anxiety and embrace these tasks as part of your role. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with training, time and experience, you'll become more comfortable and confident in these essential aspects of the job.

2. Some job seekers will let you down - Unfortunately, there will be instances where job seekers will let you down. They might fail to show up for interviews or even skip their first day on the job. The initial experience can be quite shocking and demoralising. However, it is crucial to maintain resilience and not allow these incidents to hinder your progress or discourage you from assisting those who genuinely need your support. Unlike marketing a tangible product, marketing individuals presents a whole different challenge. Their actions and behaviour are often beyond our control. It is essential to let go of the need for complete control and perfection. After all, we are not puppet masters. Remember, staying resilient and focused on your goals is key to helping those who truly require your guidance.

3. Brace yourself for a lot of admin - New employment consultants must be prepared for a significant amount of administrative work. This includes writing detailed notes during job seeker meetings, documenting progress, making notes when interacting with an employer, and updating job seeker plans to ensure that they are on track with their goals. Additionally, employment consultants often assist their job seekers in improving their resumes, which involves editing and formatting to make them more appealing to potential employers. The administrative aspect of the job is crucial to keep track of client's progress and provide accurate information to employers when necessary. However, in order to stay on top of your administration tasks, it’s crucial to stay organised and have good time management skills.

4. There are lots of huddles – Whether it’s in the morning, afternoon or both, these quick daily meetings may seem repetitive or time-consuming, but they offer a valuable opportunity to discuss successes, share problem-solving strategies, and build a strong team dynamic. During these huddles, you can celebrate wins, recognising individuals or teams for their accomplishments. This not only boosts morale but also fosters a positive work environment. Moreover, these gatherings serve as a platform to brainstorm and find effective solutions to challenges faced throughout the week. By actively participating in these discussions, you can contribute your unique insights and ideas, ensuring your voice is heard and valued within the team.

5. There are many targets - While your role as an employment consultant is primarily driven by a genuine desire to assist job seekers in overcoming obstacles to employment, it's crucial to acknowledge the existence of KPIs, job placement targets, and sustainability outcomes. It can be disheartening to constantly face questions from your manager regarding these metrics, but remember that failing to meet them could jeopardise your provider's contract and potentially lead to closure. However, it's important to keep in mind that these targets ultimately serve the purpose of facilitating employment for individuals and making a meaningful impact in their lives.


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