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Do This One Thing If You Want to Succeed in Reverse Marketing

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Unless you have a mission and purpose driven approach to your marketing, then you won’t succeed.

Many times, it’s not the most skilled in their employer engagement activities, but the person that knows exactly why they need to pick up the phone and call up employers on behalf of their clients. Or why they need to go out and knock on doors, even though it may not be the most enjoyable activity of the day.

Before this person picks up the phone, they are clear about their why and this keeps them focused, brave and determined.

When they are feeling defeated, they remind themselves once again about the reason they do this. At times they write down a list about how they are making an impact.

Changing someone’s life keeps them moving forward. They understand that in order to make a difference, they must do things that are uncomfortable, such as picking up the phone and calling a stranger. Or, having awkward conversations with employers who have been let down.

They are willing to get rejected one thousand times, if it means seeing one of their clients in a mentally, financially and socially better position.

When most other people view their clients as, the lady with no experience, that guy who got fired, the old lady who doesn’t fit in, the refugee who isn’t fluent in English,

that ex-convict they don’t trust, that young man with an intellectual disability, the man with bipolar and depression, the mum with a 10 year work gap,

they are the only person in this world that believes in their clients.

They see beyond the labels and know that given an opportunity, this person will shine and excel.

In fact, they have seen people like their clients who they have placed into work outdo their peers in the right work environment. Employers have even reached out to them to say, “Thank you! Jane is one of our best. Not one sick day in 1 year and she makes our customers smile.”

So, they go on each day fighting for their clients. Advocating about the stigma of unemployment and do all that it takes to create employment opportunities.

This person cares more about helping someone gain employment, over rejection. Their ego isn’t fragile and are able to put it on the side when needed.

For them, this job is beyond money and status, because you can't beat the reward of bumping into one of your jobseekers in the street two years after placing them and they tell, “thank you. You have changed my life.”

So, next time you’re feeling disheartened or discouraged to get on the phone or go out there to market your jobseeker, do this one thing, try and approach your marketing from a more mission and purpose driven lens.

Answer the below questions, stick up your answers on your desk, and look at them before undertaking your reverse marketing activities.

1. List of reasons I do what I do in employment services

2. My mission

3. How does my job and what I do impact my jobseekers? (Make a list of how it will change their life.)



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