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Using the CEO's Letter to Shareholders In Your Reverse Marketing

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

When it comes to Reverse Marketing to bigger organisations, there are several ways to get the conversation started, and grab their attention.

One of them is the CEO’s letter to shareholders, which is the annual letter that the CEO or C-suite write to their shareholders each year. The letter usually covers the organisation's financial results, its current position in the market, and some of its goals.

In the letter, they generally have four or five specific goals that they want to achieve. These goals can vary from industry to industry; however, the most common themes are the following:

1. Sustainability and the environment

2. Diversity and inclusion

3. Leadership

4. Sales growth

5. Digital transformation

6. COVID19 plan (as of recently)

Say you read the letter to shareholders from a specific company that you want to reach, and notice how diversity and inclusion is an important part of their plan, you can always use it as a part of our outreach strategy.

The letter to shareholders is so underused, yet has so much information that can help you go into your reverse marketing intelligently.


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