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Reverse Market Better With These 10 Trigger Events

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Clients are 5x more likely to buy or hire when there's a trigger event in their company. And if you get in early in the buying window of the trigger event, then you can always fill your pipeline and get there before anyone else. So, therefore, your probability of doing business with these decision-makers is a lot higher.

Here are 10 trigger events that will help you do reverse marketing more intelligently, as well as carve out better employment opportunities for your jobseekers.

1. New CEO, HR Manager, Diversity Inclusion Manager, GM, Director, shareholder

If there’s a new person in the C-suite or upper management, then you can be sure that they're looking to shake things up. So normally they have three months to prove themselves. Many times they are buying new products or they want to expand, hire or change things up. Especially the Diversity and inclusion managers.

2. Large customer announcement

This is when they've won a huge customer. So that may mean that they are making a lot more money and they probably need somebody, or several people to come in and help them. And most probably have the budget. Take this opportunity to see if they need an extra helping hand.

3. New products or services

Just like the customer announcement, take this opportunity to reach out. They may need an admin, social media, sales or customer service person to help them scale and service customers.

4. New project or company expansion

This is when they are expanding, or opening new locations, offices, shopping centres, facilities or even new appartment buildings. The job carving opportunities are enormous.

5. New funding rounds

New funding rounds usually happen with new start-ups when external investors with lots of capital invest and acquire a part of the company’s share capital so it can scale. So, there are definitely lots of opportunity to get in early and see what roles they are looking to create.

6. Employee growth

When there’s employee growth, you can be sure that the company is doing well. You can find this information out through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

7. Mergers and acquisitions

The coming together of two organisations can either be good or bad for employee growth, however it’s a great chance as there will be lots of people in the upper management who are looking to make an impact.

8. Poor performance

Poor performance could be an indicator that these positions are in jeopardy or that they may need extra support with their workload. Great job carving opportunity.

9 Featured in the media

Mentioning what they said in their media appearance, such as their tagline, how they started, company goals, vision, and mission can be a great conversation starter on a cold call or email.

10. Letter to shareholders

The letter to shareholders is a great way to get firsthand insights about the organisation's financial results, its current position in the market, and some of its future goals. Many times, these letters mention something about diversity and inclusion.


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