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How to Work Your Reverse Marketing Pipeline

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

As I always say, your job placements at the end of the month mostly depend on how full your pipeline is.

A sales pipeline is your database of cold, warm, and qualified leads. Whether it's your current, and previous employers. Or future employers that you want to do business with.

We need to be constantly filling and nurturing that pipeline in order to see results. It takes time, discipline, lots of follow up, as well as farming and hunting in order to begin seeing results. Sometimes it can take 30 to 90 days of prospecting and outreach consistency, to begin to see our efforts reap the results.

Something to keep in mind is that a sales pipeline is not a rectangle. It's actually a triangle. We start at the bottom of the triangle with creating a lead flow, and then we begin moving the leads up to the top of the triangle through the qualification phases.

Say for example that you need to close six placements by the end of the month. You probably need about 200 hundred leads in your pipeline. A whole database of businesses, employers and hiring managers that you want to reach out to or follow up with. Once you begin to call, email and knock on their doors, you start qualifying them up your (triangle) pipeline. You may end up with about 80 qualified leads that you’ve touched based with or have done research on. Out of those 80, you may end up with about 30 that give you their time, attention or an email address to send your jobseeker’s resumes to. From those 30, you could end up getting about 10 to 15 job interviews, and out of those numbers, there’s a possibility to close about 6 job placements at the end of the month. (Now this also depends on the found-on employment numbers too.)

Please do keep in mind that the above are hypothetical numbers as every individual numbers vary depending on their geography, caseload, and obviously targets.

So therefore, it’s critical to understand that we have to be constantly entering a significant number of leads into the pipeline in order to close and hit our numbers at the end of the 30 days.

If you’re not filling your pipeline, then you can bet that by the end of the month you may be left high and dry. And moving our leads up the pipeline is the way to go.


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