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Help More People Into Work - 5 Reverse Marketing Strategies That Work

Increase your job placement outcomes, connect job seekers with suitable employers, and help more people into work by implementing the following reverse marketing strategies.

1. Start with the job seeker in mind - Oftentimes, employment practitioners create too many vacancies that they can’t fill. The reason usually boils down to creating the demand without having the supply. There is no point in creating vacancies if you don’t have the right job seekers to fit into those roles. So, it’s important to always start your reverse marketing with the job seeker in mind. Who is this person? Consider their skills, qualities, work experience, qualifications, and limitations. Identify their ideal conditions for employment. By starting with the job seeker in mind, you can tailor your reverse marketing efforts to match the right candidates with the right roles.

2. Create an ideal employer profile - Create a profile of your ideal employer based on the industries and job seekers you work with. Define the characteristics, company size, hiring processes, and potential problems that your ideal employer may have. Also, consider the different divisions within the company and job roles that can be carved. Creating this ideal employer profile will help you communicate effectively with employers, speak their language, and demonstrate your understanding of their needs.

3. Block out reverse marketing time - Block out specific time slots dedicated to reverse marketing activities. Allocate at least 60 minutes for making phone calls or engaging with potential employers. Working in time blocks improves productivity by focusing your attention on a single task. Avoid multitasking during this time, as it can reduce productivity and prevent you from achieving your goals.

4. Craft an attention-grabbing opening line - Capture the employer's interest from the beginning by crafting a compelling and concise opening line. Within the first 20 seconds, highlight the value that you, your jobseeker, or your employment service provider can bring to them. Show that you have done your homework about their company and convey the benefits they stand to gain from further conversation.

5. Have a follow-up cadence - Don't give up on potential leads after one or two attempts to reach out. Studies have shown that a significant portion of sales occur between the fifth and twelfth contact. Develop a follow-up cadence and be persistent in your outreach efforts. Create a systematic approach to staying in touch with employers and maintain a consistent presence, increasing your chances of converting leads into successful employment opportunities.


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