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8 Things That Get in The Way of Reverse Marketing

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

When it comes to reverse marking it’s important to be continually reaching out to employers. Here is a list of things that get in the way of us picking up the phone to reverse market.

1. Procrastination

Most people don’t enjoy picking up the phone and making sales calls. And that’s fair enough. So they procrastinate and delay it. But by getting the least enjoyable task out of the way first, you will have a more productive day.

2. Analysis by paralysis.

Research is important, but spending too much time doing the research will take you away from the most important task. Picking up the phone! Also many times analysis paralysis and overthinking kills productivity. As they say, “Just do it.”

3. Multitasking

Research shows that multitasking reduces our productivity by 40%. Switching from one task to another takes a lot of mental energy, and many times we may not complete what we first set out to do.

4. Not blocking out time

Working in time blocks means that you will block out time for each activity. It could be anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes. When we are prospecting (reverse marketing) it’s important to block out at least 60 minutes minimum for making phone calls.

5. Doing admin during golden hours

Golden hours are the best times during the day where you can speak to your prospects. So we must not waste one valuable minute during this time doing admin or research. This time is used purely to smash the phone and make as many calls as we can.

6. The fear of rejection

When making our reverse marketing calls, we must put our ego aside. These calls are never about us. So it’s important not to take the rejection personally. Also, most of the time, getting rejected is all part of getting to the right person.

7. Not having a why

Having a why, is vital! Think about who you’re doing it for. How will your jobseekers life change, all because of this one phone call? Make a list of all the reasons. Even reasons about how achieving your job placement targets will make you feel. The bigger your reason is, the more motivated you will feel to pick up the phone.

8. Lack of skill

If we don’t have the proper skills to make the phone call, such as a specific cold calling process, methodology, and framework, then it will be hard to get on the phone. It’s always a good idea to do courses, study as much as possible, and keep on practicing.


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