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How to be Successful at Reverse Marketing Using Touchpoints

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Before you begin any reverse marketing or even pick up the phone and market your jobseeker, it’s critical to understand what customer touchpoints are. For people to want to buy from you: 1. They need to know about you. That you exist. That you are out there. 2. They need to like you. They need to like who you are. 3. They need to trust you. You need to be credible.

Now we need to establish that you’re not a telemarketer and certainly not a high-pressure sales person. You are a trusted adviser. So it's important to understand that you have the capacity to build relationships and it's not that one phone call which is going to seal the deal.

Most of the time it's many touchpoints. They need to see your name, brand and what you offer multiple times through multiple channels to even consider buying from you or realising the need.

For example, you make the first touchpoint and that could be a cold call. They might say, “No we’re not hiring.” Or, “We're not interested.” Or, “No we don't use employment services.” Whatever objection or excuse they're going to give you is fine for now.

Touchpoint number Two: Could be sending them more information to their email address. Touchpoint number Three: They might choose to click on your website or info you send them. Touchpoint number Four: Your marketing team might track down their pixels and run a facebook marketing campaign targeting their newsfeed. Touchpoint number Five: Could be you connecting with them on LinkedIn. Touchpoint number Six: Could be them reading a post that you wrote on LinkedIn educating employers about the benefits of hiring someone with a disability. Touchpoint number Seven: Maybe you decide to send them a LinkedIn message to introduce yourself as their connection or to follow up. Touchpoint number Eight: You call them again to follow up. (Maybe several times) Touchpoint number Nine: You set up a face to face meeting. Touchpoint number Ten: You call to follow up again. (You may have followed up several times) Touchpoint number Eleven: They finally agree on the 15 hour week, wage subsidy and to see the jobseeker you have carved this opportunity for. Touchpoint number Twelve: Your jobseeker goes to the interview and aces it.

It’s been three months since you’ve been nurturing this opportunity.

A job offer has been made!

Now obviously there are not always so many touch points. At times you call at the right time and get the right person and boom, there’s a job opportunity. Especially when you’re calling off Seek. But the most successful employment practitioners understand that the best and least competitive opportunities are the ones that they carve themselves. They also understand these marketing touchpoints and accept that it’s a process.

Prospecting is an art and science. You need to be both creative and strategic to succeed.

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