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Sell Yourself into a Job

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Would you like to...


Gain the skills in marketing yourself into your dream job?


Have an outstanding resume and cover letter?


Gain more confidence and skills in job interviews?


Develop the right mindset to go out there and conquer when job searching?

It is usually not the best person for the job, but the person who can sell themselves into the job that gets employed. This is the sad reality, and it's important for jobseekers to understand that they are constantly selling themselves into a job, career or promotion.


This 2 day workshop has been designed specifically to help you learn how to market yourself. The training will give you practical tools to become more employable, understand what employers are looking for, and at the same time develop a mindset of confidence and resilience to deal with constant rejection.

What participants will learn
  • Gain techniques of how to market yourself to employers 

  •  Learn what makes impactful resumes, cover letters and how to tailor them

  • Use a simple technique to write your selection criteria 

  • Understand how to use social media to boost your chances of employment 

  • Tap into the hidden job market

  • Evaluate different types of interview questions

  • Practice interview skills and get honest feedback on how to improve

  • Set goals and feel more motivated

  • Discover techniques to boost confidence 

  • Learn how to be more resilient and deal with rejection 



Topics covered
  • What employers look for

  • How to sell yourself​

  • Resume writing and going deeper into the resume

  • How to write a personal profile that makes an impact

  • Cover letters and how to tailor them

  • Write the perfect self-value proposition

  • Carve and create job opportunities

  • Selection criteria and using a simple technique to write your own

  • Practice writing your own selection criteria 

  • Introduction to different types of job interviews

  • Mock interviews and your chance to practice

  • Use social media to enhance your employability chances

  • Set yourself as the authority in your niche

  • Use LinkedIn to job prospect and connect

  • Develop a strong mindset 

  • Techniques to boost confidence  

  • Use NPL to overcome to set clear goals

  • Resilience and dealing with rejection​ when job searching 

We can go anywhere in Australia or the world to deliver these workshops. No rural town or city are too far.



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