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Some of the clients we work with



“Rana is one of the best (if not the best) marketers I have seen in my 11 years in the employment industry. If you or staff need marketing assistance look no further. Rana will give you the best advice and training, staff will come out more confident in picking up the phone, going to see employers face to face and also building relationships with employers..”

Nathan Nute, Manager Breakthru


“To say Rana has changed my career and development is an understatement. Rana motivates you, she inspires you to get out there and change people’s lives through marketing and networking. Rana will go above and beyond for her clients and truly believes everyone can develop the skills they need to be their best in the industry. Love her programs.”
Rebecca Lowther, Job Development Officer | Mylestones Employment
“Dear Rana, we had Training Courses before during our working lives, but honestly the way you provide the info, was so helpful, easy to understand that builds the confidence of finding job soon,..
Thanks again for your effort, time & knowledge
Robert Zahreddine, Jobseeker | Helping Hand
“There are hundreds of trainers in the market but I whittled down my list to one person: Rana Kordahi. She is light-years beyond her competitors because she understands people. Rana is an excellent partner to work with and she focuses in a single-minded fashion on meeting your needs. If you need to empower your team,  to jump a level, you need only 1 phone number.”Andi Sandiland, Employment Consultant | Careers Development Group



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